Monday, October 20, 2008

Its me on the BillBoard! ^_^


. .
. . .
Holy Cow!'s me!'s my face on that run-downed sign board!
(and FYI - its posted on Mall of Asia's Southern Annex!)
Hmm..consider this、if MOA's Northern Annex is the Head..
then the Southern Annex will be the....?! stupid face is on the rear end...
the butt! T_T *despair*
The heck is that! *anguish face* Wh...why do I look like crap on that pic!(They should've told me about the candid shot so that I could have put up a better face than that..oh crap...T_T)

Uwaah..its embarrassing really... that kind of face.. XO

Hehehehahha! *silly grin*
(laughs like a bastard thinking as if i've fooled everyone with that silly joke and crappy punchline..not!)

And looky here..its my lovely Katrina in a huuuge canvas billboard showing her prowess with her expensively paid ad-board on.... SM Cebu! Now that's how models should look like, right? =D

Want to have your face in the billboards, posters, magazines, ads, and virtually anywhere you like?
Its very easy...really.
(after all, its not you but its me who's gonna go through the trouble of doing it XD)

What to do?

Just express your
reactions about anything on my blog by leaving a post/comment, and after that comment, kindly mail me at with your picture and your idea of where you want your picture to be..ain't that easy or what? ^_^
I'll be waiting, okay?

Already imagining where you'd want to put that good-lookin' face of yours? hehe!
Well, while you're at it, why not take a look at other sample pics?
You can view them here.

See yah!

- vram -